“We Are Focused Towards Enhancing Medicament Acceptability Through Innovative Modifications Of Physio-chemical Attributes Of Drug Molecules.” 

UNIJULES offers to its clients & customers a wide spectrum of value-added & cost-effective services whether pertaining to Manufacture, Product Development, Pharmaceutical & Analytical Method Development, Technical Assistance or Regulatory Affairs.

UNIJULES enables its customers to obtain high-tech & regulatory barriers to competition, new therapeutic classes while renewing the interest for older drug molecules by their continual improvisation through elimination of their negative attributes which otherwise would have rendered those molecules obsolete. Today, we offer one of the most broad spectrum of Controlled Delivery System applied even to the latest APIs & are in a position to provide products along with all the necessary documentations & technical support necessary for local registration, manufacturing & launch needs of the clients, maintaining strict confidentiality wherever needed.

We deploy Pelletization, Complexation, Particulate Coating, Miscellar Solubilization, Adduct Formation and other technologies for achieving product acceptability objectives. Products in several categories are available with diversed attributes that include Conversion of Hygroscopic molecules to Non Hygroscopic forms, Solubility & Stability Enhancement, Site Specific / Target Release Characterisation, Enteric Release specially for Acid – labile drugs, Taste – masking & Flavouring technology for masking bitterness & obnoxious odour of active drug ingredients, and Ready for Compression Granues for unstable or corrosive & hazardous and otherwise conventionally unworkable materials rendering them Environmental friendly or processable.